¡Mamacita! ¡Tu tanga rosada es tan fantástico!

Mama turns 54 today. Many happy returns, Ma! She may be a few years past the semicentennial mark already, but she still down wit’ it, nahmsayin’ esé? That’s the latest photo of her which was taken last weekend. Some traits (especially weird and geeky ones) do actually run upwards from child to parent in my family.

In other news, my new ride arrived today (“Look Ma! I got myself a present too on your birthday!”). As much as I hate the idea of having to own a car, the piss poor planning of our public transportation system and the nature of my job eventually made it an inevitable choice that I had to succumb to. So there goes another chunk off my monthly salary. Looks like I’ll have to put any plans for a long term commitment with a member of the opposite sex on hold yet again.


  1. DD

    oitts… eppi birthday to your mom! anyway, kambing bermain viola… apekejadah itu.

  2. kaymalik

    u have a very beautiful mom. and u look so much like her. happy birthday to ur mama.

    take care and cheers

  3. bibi

    Woit! What car you bought?

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