More Or Less Of The Same ‘Auld’ Stuff

By now, the whole planet should have gotten 2005
and the hangover that came when bidding it adieu over and done
with. It’s been two days into the new year. I don’t have any
resolutions made per se (they’re overrated anyways) but I do have
plans that I treat more as a framework for the months coming than
anything else. If there’s anything that 2005 taught me, it was to
let certain things go and take its natural course with me just
playing it by ear as it goes along. Sure, there are times when it
hurt the ears (pitching lari, tempo berterabur,
takda feel, etc.) but it did allow me to do some exciting
new things as well as opened up new possibilities and interesting
experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten any other way.

So here’s to 2006.
Surprise me! I wish y’all the same too.


  1. Nina

    Don’t forget another important lesson you’ve learnt in 2005; How To Make A U-Turn 101..


  2. laydiefa

    happy 2006.
    eat more cheesecake!

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