Buli Gua, Gua Buli Lu

Hot on the heels of Baik Punya Cilok, comes Buli Balik,
the sequel to Buli. Afdlin Shauki is definitely on a roll. And it ain’t spring, jelly or Swiss either. So is my good boy behavior these days ‘cos once again, I had the privilege of being invited to watch his movie at the press preview. This time, I sat in full.

Suffice to say, it’s another local movie that I think is worth parting your cash with to watch at the cinema. Unlike Baik Punya Cilok though, Buli Balik is more of a comedy drama. It has a rather “dark” underlying feel to it (akin to Anakin Skywalker’s journey to the Dark Side in Revenge of The Sith). If you’re looking for plenty of laughter in Buli Balik, you’ll
probably be disappointed although Patrick Teoh’s outrageous music video makes for a hilarious comic relief! Ramlah Ram also makes a cameo appearance complete with a mock of that infamous dress she once wore at the Muzik Muzik finals and that school ditty once featured in Ah Ha also makes an appearance! The subplots in the movie all tie in nicely with the crux of the story and don’t feel out of place at all. The movie itself sports an all star cast, including those with minor roles. Hans Isaac is possibly at his acting best in this movie. I did feel that some of the acting in parts of the movie were a bit contrived but at least the movie didn’t have any draggy parts at all. Just don’t be surpised if the ending tugs your emotions a bit though. That’s as much as I’m going to tell you for now. Find out for yourselves when Buli Balik opens nationwide on January 26th! ;)

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  1. SM

    satu penghargaan dapat bertemu dgn beberapa kodok di sana.

    tentang BB, mmg best gilerrrr dan ini bukan pujian yang dibuat utk cover balik kritikan yang telah dibuat pada BPC. Mmg serious best giler…

  2. Lizzam

    yeah. I agree about the ‘dark’ nature of the movie. I was expecting fun and laughter like in Buli, but gotten sidetracked. so i came out confused, hence my review. no, it did not dissappoint me, but seriously, i was touched. btw, hans nangis buruk la…sampai ada audience ketawa (maybe they thought that was a joke)

  3. Anne

    me like the movie! its beyond my expectation.. sungguh banana!!

  4. zin

    ramainya kodok :-)

  5. Rudy M.

    Hmmm, I was on a roll of watching 2 local malay movies in a row last month…unfortunately for “Buli Balik”, I watched “Rock” first. For those of you who have watched both, you might just have to admit how “Buli Balik” seemed to be forcing the laughs out of almost all comedic scene. For “Rock” though, the punchline was delivered with less pain, with a better storyline as its platform. The strangest fact about both movies is that “Buli Balik” was directed by a comedian, but “Rock” was not, yet the latter shined better in the comical department. Aaaaaaanyways, don’t mind me-lah. The above are just my 2 cents worth of an attempt in movie critic :D

    Wayang sapa kalau bukan wayang kita?

  6. Rudy M.

    no draggy part? er, to me, the ending (after the fight scene) is waaaay draggy :D

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