Metrosexualism Schmexualism

Besides having a dysfunctional dress sense and sporting an RM6
haircut that I go for every quarter in a year, here’s another
reason why I’m retrosexual.
Being in a slightly festive mood with the double new year
celebrations that was coming up, I tried changing the curtains in
my master bedroom the other day only to realize that sometimes
they sell those darned things in ones, even though the packaging
suggests that it contains two (now I know why I thought they’re
on sale). Needless to say, my bedroom window now sports a
spanking new curtain on one side and an extremely faded and worn
out one on the other. The Phuturecrib
has always been an interesting piece of work ever since it
accidentally got renovated.


  1. laydiefa

    Hurmm, doesn’t sound wrong to me. I think it’s justifiable for guys to make such mistake. Retro or not.
    Wanna go gurlie-geli shopping with me someday? ;)

  2. pyerudz

    watch more porn bro. and remember, we are the ones who have the testicles and penis. ngehngehngeh…

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