Maids’ Day Out

I went walking along Orchard Road today. The Filipino and
Indonesian maids were out in full force and in droves. If back
home I can get the impression that I’m a stranger in my own land
(try being at KLCC on public holidays), today’s experience kinda
made me feel that I got mistakenly sent to another country.
Definitely the wrong place to look out for any of them
Hot Malay Girls
too, for sure.


  1. Liza

    Wondering the differenciation between “hot malay girls” and “malay girls” or should i say gadis melayu…

  2. Nina

    if no hot malay gals are available, hot indon/filipinos maids can also maaa..

  3. Arief

    hahaaa….yup……… malay… many la….tapi intellect..itu susah la mau cari n..emm..super best personalities….

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