We Ruv You Wrong Time

In Actorlympics 2004 – Acropolis Now,
it started out with me being fondled by Nell Ng and then ending
up getting squashed by Afdlin Shauki.
Now, in tonight’s Actorlympics, it turned out like something out
of another wet dream when I got Ida Nerina to grope and grind me.
Just as I was savoring the moment, Edwin Sumun
got into the mix. Never have I felt more sexually taken advantage
of in front of a live audience ever. All that from directing a
karaoke music video, albeit a warped one.


  1. Lizzam

    heh…i bet you just woke up from ur wet dream while writing this…the first in a month long series of wet dreams after last nite…you dawg you…

  2. The Yoga Instructor

    For the last showing of Actolypmics last night, I had Rashid Salleh asked me to get on all fours and to stick my tongue out. Anytime, baby!

  3. nur

    sexually taken advantage? hehe!

  4. ted

    hahahahahah so that was YOU!! sure “got ur money’s worth” huh LOL

  5. Shaz

    Wahh…i should’ve gone for it!!!

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