Googoo Over Gubra

I watched Gubra over the weekend. Twice. Like that scrumptious
looking kaya and butter spread toast in the opening credits, it
was that good that I had to have seconds. In fact, I would
rather some of those over-bigoted religious nutballs watch it a
couple of times themselves. Over the years, we have polarized
and conditioned ourselves with so many preconceived (and
ill-conceived) ideologies and prejudices that we can’t even
tolerate, let alone accept things around us as they are, even
though they’re of God’s creations. The movie actually touches,
pokes and even provokes viewers on different levels but
ultimately, Gubra is about people, about love and most
importantly, about acceptance. Yasmin manages to weave all of it
so seamlessly and beautifully in this movie. I won’t spoil nor
bore anyone with details or plot of the movie here.
Experience it at your nearest cinema. Twice, at

Small trivia: If anyone remembers Yasmin’s earlier film
it had a scene that got butchered
in the infinite wisdom of the censors at the LPF. Yasmin sure
has her own way of getting back at them by using that very
scene as a TV scene in Gubra and pass the censors without any
cuts. Talk about redemption!


  1. cyber-red

    now i know where that black and white scene came from!! no wonder so familiar. heh heh…

  2. SM

    the balas dendam time ! not only that Rabun scene, the budi bahasa iklan also. u complaint my budi bahasa iklan yeah, now i’m making it not two but three & with all races included. remember the malay lady at latifah’s office, chinese lady at the clinic dan the indian nurse at the hospital ?

    so kewl lah !

  3. Sashi

    Twice, you say? I’ll see you, and raise you thrice.

    Now for some rice – singing Edelweiss…. chasing mice…


  4. zin

    how come, the mat gian who entered temah’s house ( the prostitude ) has ironed jeans. hmmm so unnatural for mat gian to iron his pant. Some ‘kaseh-kasehan’ scenes are overcooked yet overall, its the best malaysian movie up to now. I like the chinese nurse character – so real. Iwan, Aleeya single lagi kan? Ehem Ehem.

  5. chengsim

    man, i wanted to watch Gubra so badly. was Alan Yun’s performance good by the way? i don’t recall him as an actor. can’t remember any movie or tv series that has been acted by him.

  6. Rudy

    zin – mebbe the mat gian “sapu” the jeans from his nearest hangout…hehe…

    iwan – gubra is “all dat”, huh? hmmm, wanna watch it for the third time with me next weekend? hahaha

  7. judd

    dude, i finally watched Gubra last Wednesday. i can’t agree more. for me, the film is about acceptance..

  8. DEQYA

    Hello Iwan… nice blog .. banyak betul gambar kengkawan kawin.. hang bila lagi nak kawin.. heheheh

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