It’s that time of month when I make my way to the nearby supermart
to grab me some groceries. Unlike the usual grocery shopping trip,
I got me a new tube of toothpaste! Excitation! The last time I
bought one was like 10 months ago. And that was just the small
tube! Imagine if I were to get the big-assed tube. It’ll probably
last me for years that the anticipation to buy the next tube of
toothpaste would be… immense! The smell, the texture, the foam
from a fresh tube of toothpaste as it does away the plaque on the
teeth! Ooh! How me sexy! Don’t forget to brush your tongue too.


  1. Nina

    This makes me wonder.. whether you have a small tooth brush or you have a set of small teeth :-p

    I can finish 1 whole big tube in 3 months. Maybe you prolly wonder too, what else I brush other than my teeth..


  2. Lizzam

    me wonder too. how often do you brush your teeth? or do you use alternative means such as arang (coal) instead?

  3. anne

    and here we go again.. abt the toothpaste..
    pesal tak citer pesal 100 plus yg you beli
    semalam gak.. and also the ironing thingy tht
    u did.. uhh uhh uhhh.. wat abt the flickering
    santa hat tht u wore last nite..

    and yes REDZUAN, SAYA PERCAYA!!!!!!

  4. zin

    Percayalah… teringat siiti nurhaliza. apa khabar ct? Datuk K or fadzley.

  5. bibi

    I notice that everything is a quarterly affair for you. Haircut…quarterly affair! Buying toothpaste…slightly more than a quarterly affair but considered as a quarterly affair lah! What else? There must be other thing.

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    it’s all in the technique, guys. nothing to it. and i didnt exactly iron my clothes last night either. as for what else is quarterly, i hope marriage wont have to be on a quarterly rotation. on another note, my head has been working three quarterly of late.

  7. princessren

    mak ai.. a small tube for 10mths? boleh masuk malaysia book of record tuh. hahah… a big tube can last me 2 mths kot.

  8. pyerudz

    are you pretty damn sure that what you just bought was a tube of toothpaste?
    sure or not? ngehngehngeh…

  9. LYNA

    a small tube lasts u 10 months?!? dude, how many times do u brush ur teeth a day la weih??! the paste is like sekecik kuman ke when u put on ur toothbrush?!? GOD!

  10. Lizzam

    after pondering on this mystery for a while, i think i’ve deduced how you can survive months woth only a small tube of toothpaste:

    “A tooth a day, i brush it that way”

  11. Lynn

    Dude, one tube in like, 10 months?

    Or maybe you are unlike me, who practically brushes her teeth after almost every meal (yes, I have a spare toothbrush & toothpaste in my office) :D

  12. Arief2kl

    ler…biar betul..redz….kau nie kedekut la….hahaaa…..small tube 4 10 months….ler…kau gosok…gigi ker..atau kau calit skit kat gigi depan jer..hahha..

    okies..take care bro…

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