Why ‘Blog’?

Here’s a piece of insignificant trivia on yours truly. I have
never actually used the word ‘blog’. I hate the word ‘blog’ and
now I’m forced to say it twice already. I always use the
non-abbreviated form of it, i.e. ‘weblog’. Sure there’s an extra
syllable to it but at least it doesn’t sound like you have a
massive phlegm stuck in your throat and trying to barf it out.
Maybe my dislike of the word ‘blog’ has to do with my Javanese
roots. The word ‘blog’ is almost like ‘goblok’. It’s not nice to
call people dumb, idiot, dimwit, nitwit, numbnut, nincompoop,
stupid, etc. etc. Unless, of course, you happen to be the one who
is the sole reason for our neverending misery on the road and
without fail always blames man-made disasters as “Act of God”.


  1. Arief2kl

    Eh..kau kena accident keta ker??

    hihihi..okies..take care.

  2. zin

    bumi mana yang tak ditimpa hujan. Kereta mana yang tak hilang meter. Take care dude. Dugaan…

  3. pyerudz

    kok jhowo jughak rupanya…

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