Getting Myself Lost And Then Found On Los Dan Faun

I found myself on the Los Dan Faun set the other day where they were shooting the toilet scene with Hans Isaac and Adlin Aman Ramlie. It’s amazing to see the amount of work being put to shoot what would end up as a relatively simple conversational scene in the movie. Anyways, as the crew was wrangling with the continuity of the scene, I got myself lost as to what the scene was all about, but I think it had to do with one of those breakthrough or archimedean “Eureka!” moments. Things like that always happen in the toilet, don’t they?

Speaking of those archimedean moments, Afdlin had me “enterframe” and then “leave my mark” in that scene. If it doesn’t end up on the cutting floor, I hope it will spark one of those pointless debates on whether one should do it standing up or sitting down even when acting it out. Maybe I should’ve done it handsfree or akimbo just to confound those who could even find the time to debate such matters.


  1. Anne

    lemme know when u wanna come to the set again ya.. i will make sure shiffa didnt bring any towel tht day so tht u can offer her yours.. heehee!!!

    i missed seeing u “enterframing” los dan faun in da toilet.. but takpe, will go and check it whenever i got the time lah..

    oh btw, shiffa pon played a small part in the movie too ok!! heehee.. she played erra’s sistah!! so siapa lagi nak jd extra for LDF nih!!!!!!!! datin dah ada, adik erra dah ada, org penuh pundi kencing pon dah ada.. HAHAHAA..

    cya and if u happen to be somewhere in kl esok, do drop by at the SUMOLAH PC ya.. daaa

  2. Lizzam

    Shiffa?ni nak enterframe ke nak cari jodoh?


  3. herman

    hallo actor!
    after actrolympics,now moowiee ahh????

  4. zin

    weh. lu berlakon itu sama sultan melaka aka abang biskut lrt aka suami 8 times gubra ya. cannot wait to see you in nenen slow-motion.

  5. nur

    only jumpa one word of towel? yg lain mana? eheh!

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