Keeping Hope Alive

Reading scientific journals can sometimes be reassuring for geeks
who are sans girlfriend. For example, a couple of years back, I
read that opposites do not attract in the mating game.
Now recently, they’re saying females don’t always go for the hottest mate.

It’s good to know that despite some swiping, snatching and sweeping away
that’s been going on, I still have my chances out there.


  1. Edrei

    Now see, this I know is true. You know what they say, they go for the bad boys to have fun, they go for the geeks to settle down.

    My girl just says “why bother with the inbetweens?” Thank God for that. :)

  2. Lizzam

    I told you already. for the swioing, snatching and sweeping away thingy, wait for a card from me.

    – Datuk L

  3. spoonfork

    needs login to read…

  4. zin

    finding love and finding companionship are two different things. seek and you will find.

  5. pyerudz

    never complaint if you never made any moves to getting a mate bro. have you really tried?
    ahh… hopefuly a cameo in Los dan Faun will boost up your stock a bit ;P

  6. arief2kl

    you will know la…n..she will be caring 2 u…dan only u can make d komitmen la…wei..hahaaa…stay brave bro…cakap jer..kau suker dier…

    dun worry 2 much..hahaa

  7. zin

    siang ini terlalu singkat untuk tercari-cari tentang cinta. Dan malam ini terlalu panjang untuk tidur berbantal sunyi.

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