Da Playa From Malaya

Manager: Kamu dah kahwin?
Friend: Sudah, encik.
Manager: Hmm. Ada isteri?
Friend: (Confused) Err… maksud encik?
Manager: Berapa bini?
Friend: Seorang, encik.
Manager: Itu belum kira isteri lagi tu.
Friend: Kenapa pula, encik?
Manager: Jadi macam saya: tiga isteri. Baru “is three”.

Bastard. There are some of us here who are still deprived of
one, y’know.


  1. Dide

    What an ass. Buaya darat!!

  2. Sas

    heh. reminds me of madu tiga. “butang baju aku mana dah?”.

  3. pyerudz

    satu tak cukup, dua tak cukup, tiga tak cukup kami mau satu lagi!
    this is our school’s cheer song during the football match. but there seems to be connected with your entry eh?

  4. zin

    one life, one love

  5. Rudy

    Ha3…good one, dude! Sounds like you’re having a good break :D


  6. nur

    itu spesis buaya emas.. hehe

  7. dud3

    np. as long as it halal.

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