I capped my week long birthday party
break by treating myself to another showing of Actorlympics
tonight after watching it on opening night last Wednesday (doesn’t
take much to humor me, does it?). I did not get pulled on stage
nor did I volunteer myself this time around, although the thought
did cross my mind when Stephanie Chai
and Balqis volunteered themselves for the karaoke music video
game. Could’ve made for an awesome threesome thingy with Douglas’
warped directing that was going on. What more with my parents in
the audience watching. Ida Nerina, who ruved me wrong time
last time, is off limits already as she just tied the knot
apparently. So that’s another one swiped, snatched and swept away.
Moral of the story for me: Ruv more people wrong time before they
become other peoples’ wives.