Brokeback Vehicle

I take pride in managing to survive driving for 14 years without
being involved in any accidents. Today that streak ended and it
had to happen to my 6 month old car that has yet to reach its
10K mileage. A van carrying factory workers driven by an
Indonesian (great, now they’re a menace on our roads also)
wham-bam-slammed into the rear end of my car as I was driving to
work this morning. No injuries but funnily enough, my car was
the only vehicle that got damaged. I did spot one or two drivers
passing by taking pictures of the accident.
If it doesn’t make it into the reader submitted picture of the
day in the local dailies, I hope that person wins big in the
“empat nombor ekor” so that I can stake a claim to the money
and use it to do the repairs.

But as much as I was annoyed with the driver of the van that
rear-ended my car, I was even more pissed off at the police
officers who handled my report. Despite the hardship I was
already in, they still have the cheek to make some snide
remarks about my predicament. Victims will continue being
victims in this country it seems. I did contemplate a comeback
about them being confined to doing deskjobs at the traffic
division in the police force and not know that the word “rear”
means “back” or “behind” (such is the mastery of English in our
police force) but I figured if I do so, I might end up in the
lock-up doing naked earsquats whilst picking up bars of soap.
Let’s not have anything else other than the rear of my car
rear-ended for today, shall we?


  1. Nina

    ohh boy! i hope the damages are not so bad.. :-|

  2. bibi

    Tell me about it. Our neighbour knocked our car last month. Now we have a severely dented door. Sheeesh!

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