And It Snowed In Puchong This Afternoon

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an Afdlin Shauki film. I was hard pressed to find an answer when 2nd Assistant Director, Shima asked me in which movie that Afdlin has directed so far has none of the warped “dream sequences”. His current movie in production, Sumolah, is no exception. And from the stuff that I was given a peek at, it’s all done exceptionally well too. Even the sushi making scenes were just delicious to look at, with the close up angle, lighting and all. Coming to you a cinema near you end of this year. Meanwhile, have a peek on what went on today on the “Sumolah” movie set.


  1. herman

    bro, lu join tak yang scene Sumolah yang nak pakai ramai orang tu?
    Wa da letak nama, tapi taktau la diorang nak pakai pak pacak berapa ramai.

  2. laydiefa

    what did you have to do for this time? ‘throw water’ lagi kah?

  3. izatee

    eh u ni ex jasinian..?wah tak cool page bro..really cool..kagum sgt nih..memang super senior yg hebat!! yeah..

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