The recent silence on this site has been anything but elegant. It
is actually the result of an experiment in getting myself caught
up in the monotony of my own daily grind. I can now confirm that
it is enough to suck the soul out of my ownself more than
anything else and turn any amphetamine loaded agitated air
traffic controller into a mindless automoton numb and devoid of
any life and character. It almost got to a point where I was
hating the very thing I love doing. Makes me in awe of those
people who can resign themselves into a routine day in day out
throughout their lives. For the life and sanity of me, I just
can’t picture myself living a life that is like a sensory
deprivation tank, even if it is for something that guarantees to
pay the bills. I can only hope that this phase is over now.
Meanwhile, I know this is way ahead of its due but I really I
gotta go out and get me another
tube of toothpaste now.