Delta Juliet Onboard Bravo Lima Victor With Juliet Foxtrot Kilo

Several months ago, I went on air (radio) with JFK via XfreshFM's Xtended Play. Today, I took to the air (plane) with the dude over the Klang Valley airspace onboard 9M-BLV. He's been pestering me to go fly with him ever since he got his lesen terbang. Today's flight had us hovering around 1,500 feet in a Cessna 172 aircraft over Subang, Port Klang, Pulau Ketam, PJ, KL, Batu Caves before we landed back in Subang. The haze was a bit in the way of our view but the flight conditions with the busy traffic (See? It's not confined to our roads only. It's a KL thing), air pockets (love 'em!), bad transponder, a newbie female air traffic controller (who sounded like a hot chick but I'm pretty sure is a mak-chick) made up for the lack of in-flight entertainment. Here I have pictures on-board 9M-BLV while JFK has a post-flight video of it. Another day, another experience.


  1. JFK

    dude you are a NATURALLLL pilot man!!!!!!! get that jumpsuit out cuz the next time, we’ll get in 9M-BEJ for more “fun” and sunsetisms! hehe

  2. JFK

    to the others reading this…. more pictures and videos on :)

  3. laydiefa

    uwaaaaaaaaaa seronoknya!~

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