Life Does Not Necessarily Need To Be Weblogged All The Time

There really hasn’t been much action on my front of late that
would warrant worthy entries on this website. Hence, unlike past
years, this years’ entries have been rather slow to come. Going
through the same routine day in day out has reduced the ability
of this tetherball above my shoulders called a head to squeeze
even one eloquent thought out, even if my life was on the line.
So trust me, people. When there aren’t any entries, I’m actually
doing you guys a favor.

Perhaps things might just look up for the better after the
purported Malaysian wedding of the year so that we can all move
right along with our lives.

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  1. Lizzam

    still berkabung ke? lepas Ida, Siti pulak,kan? poor thing, you….

    ala, ramai lagi Siti dan Ida lain…kalau dah takde sgt, cari la Jamal ke, Karim ke, Sudin ke pulak…

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