Same story, different cast.
Ayah was involved in a car accident when he crashed Mama’s car
into another somewhere in Shah Alam yesterday afternoon.
Thankfully he’s alright although he’s feeling some slight
discomfort on his chest from the impact. Once again, we’re amazed
at the efficiency of the police force when we went to the station
to file a report. It took a whole hour after waiting for their
lunchtime to be over, no less than 5 officers when there was
absolutely no queue and RM4 to have another piece of printed
paper bearing a stamp that took another 2 officers to prepare.
For a moment there, it did feel like I got bitchslapped back to
the 70s with their deft demonstration of “many underpaid hands
make light work”. Thank god they had 3 computers to help them
with that reprint too. Heaven knows it might have taken them days
had one of those things broke down.


  1. herman

    uh,”mesra,CEPAT dan betul” kan diorang nyer motto?
    anyway, mr.DJ, kami nak buat makan2 bukak puasa pada 30Sept. Details at Nina’s and Pye’s blog.
    Check it out, and jom makan!!!

  2. laydiefa

    owhh.. I pray he’ll be alright.
    About the police, hurmm tu kira rajin tu tau. Because they just got the news that their salary going to be revised. You guys were lucky, imagine if it happens before the annoucement?
    You might have to help them to setup the computers!! (or how to click exit from that solitaire game)

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