How I Become One With My Muslim Brethrens In Ramadhan

Fasting month is back again. It’s that time of year where it’s
PERFECTLY NORMAL to forget eating lunch, still be up at those odd
hours and snack right before I hit the sack. It’s the only time
where I can feel like I gel properly with the rest of my Muslim
brethrens in the same timezone as I am as far as the
eating/sleeping schedule is concerned. Of course, I still need to
work a little bit more when it comes to breaking fast, i.e. at
the dinner table with other people and not in the car stuck in
traffic or at the office desk like I had to most of the time last
year. Then again, that may be just The Dude up there testing my
patience to see if I have the strength and willpower not to cuss
and lash out at Samy Vellu for causing the traffic buildup at
the toll plaza on the road leading to my place.

Anyways, here wishing all you Muslims a fulfilling Ramadhan


  1. Aida

    Semalat berpuasa… :)

  2. princessren

    Selamat Berbuka Puasa :)

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