Due to logistical reasons, I have mostly been staying out of my apartment over the last couple of weeks. When I came back this evening, I was struck by the funky smell that greeted me as I opened the door. It could only mean one thing: I forgot to take the trash out before I left home. Turns out that was only half of it. There were unwashed dishes with some of the remaining oatmeal I had for breakfast last week in the sink. Only this time, the oatmeal moved. The nutrients on the oatmeal must have acted like steroids to whatever organisms that were living on it. It's actually one of those sights that makes me go Steve Irwin: "Crikey! Isn't she gorgeous, mate! What a beauty!" I shall never look at oatmeal the same way again.

I actually took a photo of it before washing it away but I'm stopping short of putting it up here as it might seriously jeopardize whatever chances I have left for any relationship with the opposite sex.


  1. lynahafiz

    dude, come on….seriously :p

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    really! tell me which girl wouldn’t be grossed out at the sight!

  3. haza

    gee, thanks man for the mental pic. brilliant, now what am i gonna have for breakfast?!!:p

  4. laydiefa

    email me the pic please?
    i want to compare with the sight of rice (if i can still call it rice) left in a rice cooker for a week.

  5. lizzam

    u should’ve shot a video, instead of a picture…post it on utube with the title "It’s Alive!!!", get famous, and get laid…hahaha

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