A Different Raya

There was a different feel to Hari Raya this time around. For many, it would have been due to rising cost of petrol and goods that limited the travel and celebrations. For us, it was mainly due to Grandma being no longer around. We still went back to Johor Bahru to celebrate though. I was reminded of last year's Hari Raya when she gave duit raya to everyone in the family. Perhaps she had a feeling that it was going to be her last Raya with us. I still have that duit raya packet unopened in my possession. Knowing her, she would've smacked me on the head for not doing anything with that duit raya with the rising cost of goods and all that.

The other thing that made Raya different this time around was the absolute lack of the age old question of marriage that I get year after year. I'm not complaining.

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone! Maaf zahir batin.


  1. hatta

    raya this year lain je kan. ;(
    hang pon satu,g la kawin cepat2..

    bila nk kawin?
    kalau boleh ade 13 anak ok.
    meriah sikit nnti hari raya!

    wait long2.. ;P

  2. Pam

    Hey redz, hope u had a joyous raya back in JB. No more worries about answering the annual question k cos here’s the solution. Simply choose your answer from this list:

  3. Pam

    haha.. didnt realise u had that in ur post! I’m sure ure making good use of it.. :P

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