If The Clothes Fit, I’ll Wear It And Wear It Good

Apparently, my retrosexualism is making girls allergic to me (and thus unnecessarily prolonging my status as a SPURMO). I really haven't been so much of a clotheshorse all my life. With the kind of cleaning and caring that I do with my clothes, it's only once in a very long while that I get myself a new piece of clothing, usually when the existing ones are extremely worn off that it tore itself or have become very patchy due to discoloration (size has never been a problem… as it should! *grin*).

So really, if that's not commitment, I don't know what is.

I should point out that I go without underpants on some days too.


  1. lizzam

    maybe you can try your birthday suit on next raya…and see if it can help you get paid…

    ..or maybe get caught?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    or get laid? :P

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