Adunan Lagu Rumah Melayu

Contrary to what most cynics and so-called critics of local music think, there are some Malay songs that won’t sound too out of place in a club. If you can spare some 20 minutes of your life (not refundable), you can just listen to what I mean. That is after you spend a few additional minutes downloading my Malay House Music Mix featuring Nikki (Pinta), Camelia (Seiring Sejalan), Tiara Jacquelina (Asmaradana and Katakan Hadirmu Kerana Cinta) and Ning Baizura (Bebaskan). If it does sound out of place, pardon me then ‘cos I’ve never really been to a club and probably mistook it for the ear numbing sounds of feng tau techno or some supermarket in Cheras.

dJcybersonique – Adunan Lagu Rumah Melayu

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  1. mars11

    This is really good actually ( though I can’t say what kind of techno music the local club usually plays…I’ve never been to one either!), but this is so far the best music mix that I’ve heard from you.

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