Shrek 2

If you thought the first installment was a riot, wait till you
see its sequel! You know you’re not in for a typical computer
animated movie when you have Lipps Inc’s “Funkytown”
in one of the movie’s opening sequences and Fairy Godmother
belting out Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero”
in one of the many hilarious sequences. Shrek 2
follows its predecessor’s trend in that it takes typical fairy
tale characters and situations and subsequently blends and mashes
them up with contemporary pop culture references and moments that
leaves you in stitches all the way till the credit rolls! At
times, I did find myself getting distracted from the storyline
with all the gags and spoofs that were being thrown about
(Pinnochio’s rescue of Shrek from the Knights’ keep ala Tom
Cruise in Mission: Impossible was priceless!). But all in all,
Shrek 2 is good fun to watch and I really wouldn’t mind going for
a second helping of this sequel!


  1. HansW

    I heard there’s something special after the credits?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    yep! i won’t spoil it here but let’s just say that it involves donkeys and dragons! ;)

  3. tasia

    shrek 2 will on be in miri around june 14 huahuahau

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