Unidentifiable & Incommunicado

Early this morning while I was doing my usual Saturday morning
runs at a certain popular recreation park, my very inconspicuous
looking car got broken into and my wallet containing the usual
important identification documents, credit cards, some cash, and
my trusty (and first ever… sniff!) cellphone of five years (the
Nokia 6210) got stolen, leaving me incapacitated with no form of
identification or means of phone communication as well as access
to my own money in the bank at the moment. May the nasal
follicles of the person who stole my wallet and cellphone be
feasted upon by the lice of a million goats and his fingers too
stubby to dig into his nose.

The monkey wrench has definitely been thrown into the works as
far as my weekend plans and activities are concerned. In case if
you don’t hear from me again within the next few days, assume
that I got deported to some foreign land along with the other
illegal immigrants.


  1. bibi a.k.a bibster

    Hah…explain why my SMS went unreplied. I reminded you to buy a new watch for yourself….

    Sorry to hear about the break in…

  2. zin


  3. afiq

    Sorry to hear that.

  4. osmy

    aiya.. sorry to hear. hope all is ok now.. done all ur reports n got substitudes alreadi? no worries, it’ll be back to normal in no time. ;)

  5. nong

    sorry to hear about that!! damn the thief!!

  6. zoowra

    oh poor thing! darn the thief. hope things will get back to normal ASAP!

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