Identity Reloaded

Made it through the last couple of days without getting caught by
the authorities and subsequently deported to some foreign land as
I initially feared. With my
retrosexual looks, you
can’t be too careful. But there goes my chance to get out of this
country and see the world a bit. Anyway, I managed to get a
temporary issue identification paper, bank ATM cards, cellphone
SIM card and a new phone
to replace the one that got stolen
last Saturday. There’s still the matter of the driver’s license
and credit cards that needs to be settled. By the time this whole
ordeal is over, I should be ready to commit into a long term
relationship with a member of the opposite sex.


  1. meri

    harum sungguh nasi minyak di kajang. congrats dude!

  2. bibi a.k.a bibster

    Hmm…dont overtake our wedding date dah le…

  3. nong

    Hrmmmmmm… I can’t wait.

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