Make Out Song For Geeks

Ooh, I love the way you dirty type
I can take you HOME on ESCape
Ooh, I need your BACKSPACE in my life
Thank God you don’t have a FLATSCREEN

Please, baby I got to see you
And I really wanna please you
So get on my LAPTOP so I can DOWNLOAD

Online I love the way you LOG ON
We can do it all night
I’ll make you DOT COM

Usher – Dot Com (MP3)


  1. Tengku Sheril

    *singin* oh internet oh internet where for art thou internet …

    nvr visit my blog..hmph! =P

  2. bibi

    Now I know the secret of you looking boyish at the age of 30…(expose, expose).

    You indulge in all this silly things that makes you laugh…

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