The Incredible Epiphany Machine

Here now is what I call my epiphany machine. It’s made of porcelain. I sit down on it and take stock of my life (or write deep weblog entries). I can have major epiphanies on the one shown below. There may be others out there that are similiar but it’s just not possible to do any soul-searching on those crappers ‘cos they’re typically germ-infested to the brim. Even if they’re clean, there’s no guarantee that it will elicit any epiphanies (or bowel movements) like right now when I’m out of town. The unfamiliar “feel” of it at this abode away from home will most likely cause a little bit of verbal constipation on this weblog in the coming few days. But that’s not so much of a worry as the possible lack of bowel movements though and I doubt any amount of toilet revolution is gonna help too.

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  1. Lizzam

    Don’t tell me you blogged sitting on THAT…

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